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Healthcare Dry Cleaning Services

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Hill Park Laundry Services for Health Care Workers

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some wear scrubs. But did you know just like medical tools and equipment, the scrubs, gowns, doctor coats, and other staff uniforms could be a breeding ground for germs? From the outside, it’s easy to say they are clean, but the truth is hospitals require an unquestionable amount of cleanliness in all ways.

With a hectic routine, medical professionals, doctors, and nurses work endlessly without any weekends. To say that ‘you must be exhausted’ or ‘you’ve overworked’ to them would be an understatement. Be it birthdays, Christmas, or New Year's Eve, the only way they celebrate is by taking care of patients. Front line health care workers are our superheroes that commit to taking care of humanity, and it's up to us to take care of them!

Health care workers are more likely to get infected with viruses. When you work 70 hours a week with vulnerability to numerous kinds of germs, you are automatically going to be at an increased risk of contagions. There is no rocket science there.

With a constant flow of patients in and out, the pressure and high expectations get out of control. And that’s where we step in!

To lessen the burden, Hill Park cleaners can take off one burden from your shoulders. And that’s the laundry – we’ll take care of it. With our services, we make sure your hospital's staff is in a prim and proper uniform. Our highly trained professionals are taught to fight against every germ-infested bacterium hiding in your clothes.

We understand the constant pressure of maintaining and keeping the hospital clean can be exhausting. Moreover, hiring and training non-medical staff to take care of laundry needs can be a gamble. If they are honest with their job, they do it right, or else, this can put your hospital's reputation at stake.

Let us take care of your hospital's environment. This will save your hospital time, energy, and money. It's time you make the smart investment while your health workers can gear up to save humanity.

We Care For You, So You Can Enjoy Being Care-free

We understand the sensitive nature of the hospitals' environment. With a high risk of contamination, ensuring hygiene now can actually become rocket science. Hospitals are gloomy places to be in. With the constant run of ill patients coming in and out, with their dire need of attention and care, your medical care practitioner needs a clean space to ensure optimal treatment. And with our commercial laundry services, you can make a smart investment outsourcing your laundry needs. This will save your hospital’s time, energy, and funds spent on washing and drying machines, extra water, electricity bills - it will result in a major cut down on your hospital’s expenses.

Why Hill Park Cleaners?

Simply because it's our job to take care of the cleaning and yours is to do the mass-healing.

Hill Park Cleaners has offered nothing but excellence in the past 30 years, and that's the secret behind our success! We are up to date with the latest, most-effective cleaning methods. We promise over-satisfactory sanitization and cleanliness. Think of us as a bunch of people with cleanliness OCD.

When it comes to medical professionals, we envy the hard work they put in. From working long hours to not even getting enough sleep, health care workers are known for their dedication to their job.

Indulged in the work with so much integrity and selflessness, it makes people overlook themselves. The least we can do is lessen your burden up a bit. And we’ll leave no stone unturned in that regard. If we can extract the laundry burden out of your life, let us.

Also, as one of the most active commercial laundry services in town, we’ll have no problem if you want us to handle your family’s laundry as well. You might be used to going home to a sink full of dirty dishes, but we aren't letting you go back home all tired and exhausted to a basket full of dirty laundry. Let us handle the department where dirty clothes come in; we love that stuff.

Don’t take us for our word. Don’t let our sweetness lure you in. Book an appointment now and see for yourself.

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